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This Album is the result of months and months of hard work inside the recording studio. New songs were chosen from the official Beatles records. We dealt with new arrangements, new mix sounds, new sound effects, and new instruments (like Mini-moog Synthetizer used for Here Comes The Sun and Because tracks)...

The effort of capturing every single detail, sound, vocal phrasing, pronunciation, double track vocal, arrangement, made of this album our evolution beyond "Over Me" (the previous official beatle songs recordings) and something completely different from the album we worked under the band-name of "Virtual Beatles".

In the reviews of this new album, it says we reached the top of guiding the work of The Beatles like in a Museum. We take you back to those songs, without changing ANYTHING, so that you can listen to the real Beatles music, not played by them of course, but just like they used to do in the moment they were taped and tracked for the world to enjoy.


1.- Misery

2.- This boy

3.- Good day sunshine

4.- I'll be back

5.- Chains

6.- You're going to lose that girl

7.- I want to hold your hand

8.- All my loving

9.- Happiness is a warm gun

10.- Things we said today

11.- Please mister postman

12.- Taxman

13.- Because

14.- Anna (Go to him)

15.- Help!

16.- Here comes the sun

17.- In my life

-Drums, Percussion, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Mini-Moog, Classic guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lead & Rythm guitar, harmonica: OCTAVIO CAVALLI

-Lead & Rythm Guitar: MAX GONZALEZ

-Lead and Backing Vocals: OCTAVIO CAVALLI

Recorded in "ESTUDIO ARTEFACTO" between May and November 2008

Sound, Mix & Mastering Engineer: OCTAVIO CAVALLI

Sound, Mix & Mastering Assistant: MAX GONZALEZ


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