domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010

"Somewhere in Dakota" (las canciones inéditas de John Lennon)

Between 1975-1980, John Lennon stayed away from musical world and recording studios. He preferred being houseband and father, but it didn't prevent him from composing, and recording his new songs in his living-room at his apartment, in the Dakota Building.

That impressive building, located in the upper-west side in Manhattan witnessed the process of many songs that John Lennon never recorded in a studio, or finished in some cases.

SOMEWHERE IN DAKOTA is a tribute to those years, and it compiles 12 fresh and original John Lennon songs, completed, arranged and recorded like John could have done it he published them for a solo album.


1.- Help me to help myself

2.- Real life

3.- A friend of Dorothy

4.- Solitude

5.- You saved my soul

6.- Grow old with me (A wedding song)

7.- Serve yourself

8.- Sally and Billy

9.- One of the boys

10.- Now and then

11.- India

12.- Dear John

Octavio Cavalli: All instruments and Vocals

Recorded in Rex Studio between April and December 2010 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Link to download:

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Anónimo dijo...

I've tried the download link several times the past few days, but it always is "temporarily not available". Please reload the tracks, as the youtube preview sounds so great. I'd have loved to listen to these tracks on December 8th...

Gideon dijo...

Thank you for creating such wonderful variations and inventions. You obviously take such care to make every element so harmonious and euphonic.

I would like to promote your work. If you'd like to be interviewed for an article, contact me at my url.

Anónimo dijo...

Nuevamente, un gran trabajo... gracias por todo el esfuerzo de hacer conocer estas canciones

XMEN2000X dijo...

Wow! Que hermoso trabajo.

Bob Presto dijo...

Thank you for bringing this collection of demo songs to life!
Thoroughly enjoyable! I love it!! Great photos too! You sound just like John. Thanks again!

Enzo dijo...

I am from Italy and I appreciate your work. I only would like to thank you and tell you to go on like this. What's your next project?
Best wishes

Graham dijo...

Great job you did with "Help me to help myself". This song deserve your treatment. I am proud that you made John's song what it should be. It's a great emotional song.
I love it, i played it non stop on my mp3.

Keep on the good work!

Best whishes

Graham from The Netherlands

dooley1988 dijo...

I've listened to this several times now. I'm a huge Lennon fan. It's simply amazing. Great job guys.

Lennon dijo...

buenisimo!! aunque yo hubiera puesto la genial cancion "my life" me encanta esa!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi. I'm from Detroit Michigan and I just want to tell you that I love your work as well. I downloaded the Now and Then album a couple years ago and I'm downloading the Somewhere in Dakota right now. You are doing something worthwhile. There are so many of us Beatles fans who still wonder "what if" and you are making the "what if" happen. Thank you so much and keep it up.

Anónimo dijo...

I LOVE the album.
But just so you know, the word is 'househusband', not 'houseband'.
A houseband would be like The CBS Orchestra.

- Reverend Flash

Gianluca dijo...

Le canzoni mai pubblicate da John rivivono in questo ottimo lavoro.
Bravo, Bravo.
Un saluto dalla Liguria (Italia)